Beta Test & Services

Wanted, 20 serious recreational runners with at least 1 year of training behind them (10 males & 10 females) aged between 18-39 years and have never qualified for the Boston marathon to trial the Go Boston Training Program. I would like to use you as testimonials, and in return, you will receive a 50% discount off the price of the program plus some bonuses that will make it very worthwhile. If you are interested, please contact me with the date of the marathon you are training for.

Length of program:

25 weeks for 3 supervised sessions per week lasting 60-90 minutes per session. The rest of the week will be self- training/group training unsupervised for 3-4 days.

A progressive training regime on joining where you will go through a complete 21 days prerequisite training program prior starting the Go Boston.


Nutritional and shopping right seminar.

A fit test to see if you are in the correct running shoes.

A postural analysis.

Focusing on the following:

Are you aerobically fit with a good base of training under your belt?

Running form work on style and technique (are you braking?)

Running form work (are you running over the ground with cadence?)

Running at a perceived effort for a particular pace to achieve a certain outcome.

Running economically over different terrain.

The next prerequisite is to complete a 21-day organised training program incorporating what you learnt previously on style, technique and cadence, as well as performing running drills to develop your absolute speed potential and speed reserve. This will consist of running hills at different speeds and distances as well as doing short sprints & flying 20 metres on the track.

My coaching approach is an athlete-centred, interactive, collaborative, empathetic and largely democratic. This approach is evident in the Go Boston Marathon Training Program.

Coach ethics are the principles, values and beliefs of the coach and will determine how athletes will be treated and the coach-athlete relationship.
I have used the acronym RECAP to describe the characteristics that represent the elements of my coaching style. RECAP allows the coach and athlete to work together for their mutual benefit, at the same time optimising their performance during training and competition.

My coaching principles are as follows:

I believe that training must have a purpose, and without a purpose, there is no reason to train. Therefore, the Go Boston Marathon Training Program has the goal, for each participant, to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
Distance runners with a serious attitude and a purpose to train can often improve how fast they can run over the marathon distance. To achieve this, it is up to the coach and the individual runner to nurture the proper mini-environment for training to happen in the most positive, organised manner with the least amount of distraction.
Run on Water PT has the affirmation, “If you want to be better you have to pay the price”.

Price = Having the following

Program that is personalised and is based on correct programming principles

Recovery (focusing on the correct nutrition, monitoring HRV, sleep and stress)

Immune System (having the correct nutrition, supplementation and mindset)

Coach (the steering wheel that gives constant feedback and advice)

Event (the training objective)

This is something extra and acts as a resource centre (R Station) to assist in recovery and improvement. The focus will be on the following:

Monitoring the training load to understand fatigue in runners. A training program must change according to what the athlete’s needs are right now. Training is something based on the real situation and not the real situation based on the training. This is the difference between working with theory or working with practice. Tracking recovery and training adaptation means that the pace used in training must be reviewed regularly.

Improving the runner’s performance by specific strength training through increased running economy and speed.

Pay only $2 or $4 a day to reach your running marathon dream with our programs.