My Story

My name is Trevor Vardy, and I have a Master of Sports Coaching. My online coaching business is called Run on Water PT. The water stands for well- informed awesome trainer engaging runners. My passion is running, and I love coaching runners that have a purpose. Run on Water PT has a flagship training program called Go Boston Marathon Training Program, and this program is designed to help 18-39 years old to qualify for Boston. The fact is about only 7.9 % of men and women aged 34 and younger can qualify. Most of this age group participate by running for charity and raising money. Let’s face it, the qualifying times for this age group is 3 hours and 5 minutes for men and 3 hours and 35 minutes for women. Actually if you can do these times you are a good Athlete. Run on Water PT has the goal to help members pay the price and qualify for Boston.

Concerning my experience within distance running when I was living in Denmark I participated in a training camp that was based in Regensburg Germany. My Coach (Dr Thomas Prochnow) at the time often rode his bike with us during our important training sessions and he was always making suggestions and asking questions to each individual. He coached in a style that I had never seen before within distance running, and his approach was to develop a deep practice environment in which the runner discovers and corrects their errors while doing the actual skill. Dr Thomas Prochnow coaching helped me to develop independence, the right perception on the processes of training correctly and the process of good decision making. This same experience is what I am going to bring you through a fantastic flagship program that will be focusing on all your pain points and how they can be overcome by showing you how to pay the price everyday and be accountable.

What do I do?

I help people who are serious about marathon running, find their reason to train. Then I teach them how to pay the price to make their next marathon performance nothing less than the best running experience they have ever had.

Why do I do what I do?

I want to help struggling marathon runners improve by instilling confidence that by having a purpose, the right attitude and with the right training (paying the price) personal best performances will follow.

How specifically do I help you and through what mechanisms?

My flagship program (Go Boston) establishes how I am going to create a performance transformation through a personal connection by showing you how it is possible to keep improving your times over the marathon through training, eating and thinking right. I will instil in you the confidence and commitment to want to develop even stronger inspirational running exploits (DESIRE), to train purposefully and run Boston feeling exhilarated, and accomplishing one of the most meaningful goals of your life.

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